VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


I’m not quite agree– I don’t quite agree


1.bosom friend= close friend
ex: she is my bosom friend, we talk about everything.

2. stemmed = rooted from, grew from
ex: my interests stemmed from a book called “xxx”.

Speaking exercise

can you be friends with your colleagues?

Of course I can, I think colleague is someone you spent the most time with. You can see that I value my job and career so much, I think it’s pretty important that I get along with my colleagues so that we can have a solve problems and attain a better outcome. If you don’t have a good relationship with your colleagues, you cannot do well in your job, especially in some type of jobs which requires collaboration.

If you work for a company for a long time long, your colleague might be your closest friend.

I was planning to study abroad when I graduated from my college. I was planning to study French after I graduated. I finally chose to look for a real job instead of studying abroad. The reason why I made that decision was because at that time I found  a really good job as a PR executive. I didn’t want to lose that opportunity so that’s why I abandoned that idea of studying abroad. Until today, I still think that decision was a good decision, because you could visit a foreign country at any time if you have a good job. people study abroad is for a good job after all. My current job has nothing to do with my specialty, so I kind of saved two years of studying and focused more on my career.