VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


1.introverted = shy
extroverted= outgoing
ex: I could be introverted or extroverted depending on my mood.

2.penalty= 罚金
penalize (verb)
ex: if you speed, you will get a penalty of 200 yuan.

3. punishment= 惩罚
punish (verb)
ex: if you play with your phone in class, you will be punished/ you will have a punishment. (stand in the corner)

4. tempting= 很诱惑的
ex: it’s very tempting to try weed in LA.

5. yucky= 很烂的 很难吃的 很恶心的
ex: I tried to cook something but it was too yucky.

6.poke (verb)= 戳👇
ex: they poked a hole on the bottle.
ex: stop poking me!

7. self-disciplined= 自律
ex: I’m not self-disciplined, I can’t wake up early to work out.

8. entrance drug= 入门级毒品
ex: Weed is an entrance drug. 


There can be several advantages to spending time living in another country. Talk about one advantage and explain how living in another country provides that advantage. use details and examples in your response.

I think living in another country can be useful/advantageous. If you want to be an independent person, it would be a good way to achieve that. You will have to do everything you need by yourself, like to pay your bills and find an apartment.