VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


do a writing using the words we learned today

Next Class Focus

correct speaking for next class


1.copycat= 学人精
ex: I was a copycat, I would do whatever my sister does.

2.option= 选择
ex: I have lots of options to choose from.
ex: In Shanghai, there are lots of options of food.

3. panic= 恐慌的
ex: I really panic near the end of the year.
ex: I always panic before I go on the rollercoaster, and I will quit.

4. faint= 晕倒
ex: I will faint if you scare me.
ex: He fainted on the rollercoaster because he was too scared.

5. seasick= 晕船
carsick= 晕车
airsick= 晕机
ex: I’m seasick, so I rarely go on a cruise.
ex: Sometimes I’m carsick, but it depends on my body condition.
ex: I felt a little carsick and I threw up in the car.

6. homesick= 想家
ex: I’m homesick during the holidays, I always wish my sister could be here.

7. passed out= 昏了
ex: if I drink too much, I will pass out.
ex: If you don’t remember anything the next morning, it means you passed out last night.


Last night, I saw a video about me. I went to NeiMengGu to attend the Gebi Heaven. Last night, they post a video about the festival and I saw myself in this festival. I find myself is too ugly and dark. I speak a bad Mandarin. Our partners saw this video and send message to my boyfriend, “she’s so funny, she’s so dark, is she Chinese?” Sometimes I feel so lucky because I have this specially experience.