VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


I got a hair cut = somebody cut your hair
I cut my hair today= you use scissors and cut your own hair

Did you cut your hair? = 你剪了自己的头发吗?
did you get a haircut?= 你剪头发啦? 💇


congee= 粥
ex: This take out restaurant has really good congees.

hallway= 走廊
ex: you shouldn’t run in the hallway.

take the initiative= 主动
ex: do you take the initiative in a relationship?

passive= 被动
ex: He is a very passive person, he will never talk to you if you don’t talk to him.

hair salon/ barber shop= 理发店
ex: She goes to the hair salon to get her hair washed.

second- hand smoke= 二手烟
ex: Maybe my throat problem is due to second-hand smoke. 

cocky= 傲的 目中无人的
ex: If I tell the guys to stop smoking, it sounds very cocky.
ex: He is very cocky, he likes to boast about his family.

boast= 炫耀
ex: She likes to boast about her beauty and her wealth.

put on my contacts= 戴隐形眼镜
ex: I need to put on my contacts before my makeup.

skincare products= 护肤品
ex: I didn’t bring my skincare product today.

blush= 腮红

eyeshadow= 眼影


I went through GaoKao, I was chosen by one university. After I went to the university, I felt free and wanted to fly.