VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


1.shrink= 缩小
ex: Gru wants to shrink the moon and steal the moon

2. weapon= 武器
ex: they need to prepare lots of weapons to steal the moon

3. adopt= 领养
ex: Gru wants to adopt the three girls.

4. foster parent= 寄养父母
ex: Gru is their foster parent, he will adopt them.

5. orphanage= 孤儿院
ex: the little girls live in the orphanage because they don’t have mom and dad.

6. orphan= 孤儿
ex: if you don’t have mom and dad, then you are an orphan.


One day Gru goes home, he tells the minions” he wants to shrink the moon”. Gru said we have got many weapons, he goes to his office.