VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]

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I told to my dad—> I told my dad


1.cough= 咳嗽
ex: I feel like I’ve been coughing for two weeks.

2.phlegm= 痰
ex: I’m coughing but I have no phlegm.

3.bitter (adj)= 苦的
ex: Chinese Herbal Medicine is very bitter.
ex: Life is bitter.

4.rare= 稀有的
ex: it’s rare for him to buy presents.
ex: it’s rare to see a horse on the street.

5.scissor= 剪刀✂️
ex: I have to use a pair of scissors to open the package.

6.stab (verb)= 扎 戳
ex: he was stabbed 5 times in the heart.

7.exclude= 排挤
ex: We excluded him for one year because he was a weird person.
ex: My sister and I always exclude our brother when we go out. names= 起外号
ex: I was called names by my classmates, they called me “monkey”.

ex: I used to sleepwalk because I couldn’t sleep well.
ex: I’ve never sleepwalked before.

ex: A lot of people suffer from autism.
ex: people who suffer from autism don’t like to talk to other people.

11.teacher’s pet = 老师最喜欢的
ex: I was the teacher’s pet because I had really good marks.
ex: The other students hated the teacher’s pet.

12. street smart— book smart
ex: she was street smart, not book smart, so she didn’t go to a good university.


These days, there is a very famous film named “Shao Nian de Ni”. I almost cannot think something because it’s too sad, it also gives you some hope, in the real life, this hope is very rare. I found lots of articles about this film to know this film deeply. I want to watch this movie again. We talked to each other about this film, I can remember some experience about myself related to the movie. I think this topic is very serious. School bullying always happen in middle school because lots of teenagers are in puberty. I don’t know why, but always lots of students bully one student, whatever he or she is.

When I was in middle school, I have seen  lots of serious things like bully. I saw some boys fight one boys beside the school. I saw some students bully one girl in our classroom, they cut her hair and use the scissors to stab her, but that girl couldn’t do anything, she just cries on her desk. I told my teacher but it’s useless, the only thing she could do is educate the bad boys, but they can bully her outside the school. In the third year, I changed my middle school into a private middle school, I was bullied by the other students.