VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


I have to wait her finish her hair–> I have to wait for her to finish…..、
I don’t know if I speak English right–> I don’t know if the English I say is correct.


1. drive SB (home) = 开车送XX回家
walk SB (home) =走路送XX回家
ex: the customer drove me home because it was too late last night.
ex: can you walk me home? It’s too dark.
ex: I can walk you to the subway station.

2. what else could it be?= 还能是什么呢
ex: if a man changes his cellphone password, what else could it be?
ex: if you go drinking and don’t come home for the night, what else could it be?

3. look it up= 找出来 查一查 (网上)
ex: if you don’t know a word, you can look it up in the dictionary.
ex: What’s 妯娌? let me look it up.

4. translate (verb) = 去翻译
translation (noun)= 翻译
ex: There was a foreigner who needed translation.
ex: Sometimes I have to translate for foreign customers because the hairdressers don’t speak English.

5. phlegm = 痰
ex: I have no phlegm, I just have dry cough.


sometimes I’m not sure if the word is right


I lived next door to a couple.
He had been murdered
How something like that could happen
What she thought had happened
Seemed to have so much to live for
I have my worst fears confirmed
Story has ended in murder
Being a lonely widow in a new town
what else could it be
If we go to the 水上乐园.it depends how is the weather.


it depends on the weather if we could go to the water park.