VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Vocabulary trainer= 健身教练
ex: I have a fitness trainer who will train my body.

2. pessimistic= 悲观的
optimistic= 乐观的
ex: I’m very pessimistic about my current situation.

3. put (sb) in (sb’s ) shoes= 站在别人立场想
ex: can you put yourself in my shoes? Then you would understand.


Topic 1: In travel, one gains more than reading books.

I understand this sentence as during travel, one can learn a lot from people he meets or from the sciences he sees, this experience can teach people a lot, even more than what they learn in book. All books are written from author’s life experience, if we learn directly from life experience, why do we learn form books indirectly. There is an old saying in China: there is beauty in books, there is money in books. But if we travel around, we can see real beauty through our own eyes, we can make real money through our own hands. What we understand from the book is still theoretical, it’s not practical. We can get practical experience through travel, that’s the benefit which book cannot offer us. A learned man has learned a lot through books, all the things he learned is knowledge in his mind. He still needs discoveries from real life. Traveling can provide him the practical experience to his knowledge before accordingly, he will see and feel what he has learned in books by his own eyes. There’s an old saying in China: the knowledge we get from book is shallow, everything we want to know must be through practice. Travel can bring the true knowledge to a learned man, not only theory on a paper.