VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


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1.biological (adj)= 亲生的
ex: She is my biological mother, but I’ve never seen her.

2. siblings (noun) = 直属兄弟姐妹
ex: I have two siblings, I have an older sister and a younger brother.

3. cousin= 表+ 堂兄弟姐妹
ex: Most of us have many many cousins.

4. only-child= 独生子女
one- child policy= 计划生育
ex: Due to the one-child policy 计划生育, most families only have one child.
ex: I am the only child in my family.

5. type (verb)= 打字
ex: are you fast at typing? Yes I’m really fast at typing. 

6. expense= 支出
ex: you need to cut your expense to provide for the baby.

7. chopsticks= 筷子
ex: All Chinese people know how to use the chopsticks.

8. noob (noun)= 菜鸟
newbie (noun)= 菜鸟
ex: I can’t play pool, I’m a noob.
ex: My new colleague is a newbie, she doesn’t know how to do anything.

9. flexible= 灵活的
ex: My body is not flexible.
ex: My schedule is very flexible, just tell me when you need me.
ex: My job is very flexible, I can work from home.

10. cabin crew= 机组人员
ex: The cabin crews need to board the plane first.

11. period= 时间段/月经 (pee ree red)
ex: I have my period today, I can’t eat ice-cream
ex: For this period of time, let’s walk around.

12. period pad= 卫生巾
tampon= 棉条
ex: I always buy period pads on JingDong.
ex: My mom likes to use tampons. I can’t.


Everyday I went to the dancing class, really a lot. But notwI stopped. If you focus on something too much, you will lose balance. Ten years ago, I used this period for doing marketing.

Everyday I go to the dancing class, that’s too much. really a lot. But now I stopped going. If you focus on something too much, you will lose the balance. Several years ago, I used this period of time to focus on marketing.