VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


(Where is) Where’s the book?
(It is )It’s on the desk


1. post office = 邮局🏣
ex: you can mail a letter 寄信 in the post office
ex: you can also buy stamps 邮票 in the post office.

2. dining room= 饭厅
ex: I have dinner in the dining room. 

3. read a book =看书
ex: do you read a book everyday? No.
ex: Do you like to read books? Yes

4. erase (verb) = 擦掉
eraser (noun)= 橡皮擦
ex: You can erase the board.
ex: if you write something wrong, you can erase it.
ex: can I borrow your eraser?

5. borrow (verb)= 借
ex: We can borrow books in the library.
ex: Sherry, can I borrow your pencil?
ex: My brother borrowed my ruler.

6. yard= 草坪
ex: I have a yard at home.
ex: I like to play soccer⚽️ on the yard. 

7. garage= 车库🚗
ex: I have 2 cars in my garage.
ex: I have a small garage.

8. basement= 地下室
ex: I don’t like to go to the basement because it’s very dark
ex: You can put your bike in the basement.

9. dark =很黑暗
ex: At night, it’s very dark. 
ex: I like to sleep in the dark.


Where are you? I’m in the kitchen
Where are you? We’re in the living room.
Where are Mr. and Mrs. Jones? They’re in the yard.

Where are you? I’m in the bedroom.
Where are you? I’m in the kitchen.
Where are Jim and Pam? They are in the living room,
Where are you? I’m in the bathroom.
Where are Mr. and Mrs Park? They are in the dining room.
Where are you? We are in the yard.
Where are you? I am in the garage.
Where are you and Ben? We are in the basement.
Where are Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez? They are in the attic.