VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


1.shuffle (verb) = 洗牌
ex: You lost, so you have to shuffle the cards.

2. drug store= 药店💊
ex: if you are not feeling well, you can go to the drug store to buy some pills.
ex: This drug store is very good, many people go there.

3. laundromat= 洗衣店
ex: you can wash your clothes in the laundromat.
ex: This laundromat is very bad, not many people go there.

4. cafeteria= 快餐厅 食堂
ex: This cafeteria is very yummy, many people go there to eat lasagna.
ex: If I am in a rush, I will go to the cafeteria to eat something.

5. clinic= 诊所
ex: if you are sick, you can go to the clinic to see the doctor.
ex: The clinic is smaller than the hospital.
ex: my dentist has his own clinic, he doesn’t work in a hospital.

6. barber shop = 理发店💈
ex: My hair is very long, so I want to go to the barber shop. 
ex: You can cut your hair in a barber shop. 

7. department store = 百货商店
ex: there is a department store, let’s go!
ex: My favorite department store is IAPM.


Where’s the restaurant? It’s next to the bank.
Where’s the school? It’s between the library and the park
Where’s the supermarket? It’s across from the movie theatre.
Where’s the post office? It’s around the corner from the hospital.