VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Does your person have a hat?
Is she wearing a hat?


1. glasses= 眼镜👓
ex: Is she/he wearing glasses?
ex: Lily needs to wear glasses because she can’t see well.

2. blonde hair= 金发 黄发
ex: Does he/ she have blonde hair?
ex: Most Americans have blonde hair.

3. pony tail= 马尾
ex: Does she have a pony tail? 
ex: Do you have a pony tail?

4. beard= 胡子
ex: Does he have a beard? 
ex: I don’t like beard because it looks bad.

5. curly hair=卷发
ex: Does he/she have curly hair? 
ex: Hank doesn’t like curly hair because it looks funny.

6. straight hair=直发
ex: Does he/she have straight hair?
ex: Most Chinese girls have straight hair. 


There are some new students from other school, they are noobs菜。


There are some new students from other schools, they are noobs菜。