VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


1.outdoor= 户外
indoor= 室内
ex: I like to eat outdoor in Fall, because I like the weather.
ex: I like to be indoor in the summer, because I don’t like the sun.

2.outside = 外面
inside= 里面
ex: Zoe is outside, but she’s not outdoor.
ex: I’m inside of the show, but I’m outdoor.

3.pretend= 装
ex: I pretend like I love him, but I don’t.
ex: stop pretending! 不要装了
ex: you can pretend that you like him, but you can date someone else.

4. positive= 乐观的
ex: if you are a negative person, you will never have good luck/ fortune.
ex: My friend is a positive person, she works hard and plays hard.

5. push yourself= 推 激励
ex: The project is so slow, I need to push them to work faster/ harder.
ex: I was so fat, I pushed myself to work out every morning.
ex: “can you be my girlfriend? when can you say yes?” “don’t push me!/ stop pushing me!”

6. enrich (verb)= 丰富
ex: my friends enriched my life.
ex: I need to enrich my English vocabulary .
ex: when you start your own business, it will enrich your life to the fullest.


We have an event about the Dragon Burn. I’m going to meet an artist .