VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]

Today we focused on:

we did a speaking on the holiday plans

Next Class Focus

correct the speaking session below


world= were road


1.heat (verb) =热
heat (noun)= 暖气
ex: I need to heat it up before I eat it.
ex: I need to heat up my meal. 
ex: we have no heat in the winter

2. direction = 路/方向
ask for direction= 问路
ex: I don’t know the direction to GangHui?
ex: do you know the direction to Ganghui?
ex: You can ask local people for directions?

3. bun= 包子
steamed bun= 蒸包 小笼包
ex: The steamed buns in WuXi are sweet.

4. blog= 博客
blogger= 博客
ex: Do you write blogs? No.
ex: Who is your favorite blogger? I like 小猪姐姐

5. launch= 推出
ex: ChangLong launched a new promotion促销 for the hotels.
ex: Chanel launched a new perfume. 香水

6. resort= 度假村
ex: I’ve always wanted to take my son to the resort. 

7. water park= 水上乐园
ex: It’s good to go to waterpark in September and October.

8. aquarium = 水族馆
ex: my favorite animal in the aquarium is penguin!
ex: I saw a really cute beluga in the aquarium in NingBo.

9. circus= 马戏团🎪
ex: The circus tickets are free.

10. amusement park= 游乐场🎠
ex: Universal Studio is my favorite amusement park.
ex: Disneyland is the most popular amusement park in SH.

11. round trip= 往返票
ex: it’s cheaper to buy the round trip tickets compared to be single trip tickets.

12. sexist = 性别歧视
racist= 种族歧视
ex: your company is sexist, only the women get half a day off on festivals.
ex: In America, a lot of people are racist. 


For the National Festival, I want to have a trip. I choose some hotels or some towns. In National Festival, the hotel price is very high, so I don’t know where to go, and I look WeiBo, a blogger sent a picture that he booked, ChangLong in ZhuHai. This price very cheap because ChangLong to celebrate, because they have built 30 years. They push some sales for hotel, maybe I will go GuangZhou or ZhuHai. I wonder whether the people will all go there. We will meet a lot of people during the National Festival, I think we should before National festival. ChangLong will give you tickets for the park, the show and the breakfast, only 3 thousand for 2 days for all the tickets. Many people said this resort very good because their park is different for the normal park in China, like the animals park in Singapore. I always want to take my son to play in ChangLong, but the price is always high. This time, it’s cheaper, and you can look some shows. Air ticket is not very high, I check it that about 1000 for round trip. The Singapore air ticket only less than 2000, I always buy Singapore air ticket more than 4000. I checked the ticket for the next year in March. It’s very suitable for kids, I went there for twice. Next year, I want to go there again, with my parents. I used 10 days, I still have 5 days.

My auntie born on June 1st, it’s Children’s Day. Some companies will give you a half days. Our company will give the women a half day on Woman’s Day. The men stay in the office.