VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


Write about what you did today / last night / this morning… and use the words and grammar we learned.

eg. Tonight I had class with Jesse at 8 PM and I felt tired because……

why, who, where, when, how, for how long, and then?


last night, last morning =昨晚 昨天早上

There are/ there is ———there were/ there was

Japan have good food –> There are good food in Japan.
China have many people –> There are many people in China.
Canada had many HKnese –> There were many HKnese in Canada.

I have a friend, he is a doctor = I have a friend who is a doctor

I want to eat hotpot that is on the 4th floor.
I want to eat the candy that you eat.

Did you go to Japan? >>> I went to Japan 我去了日本
Have you been to Japan? >>> I have been to Japan 我去过日本

Did you see me? >>> I didn’t see you  我没看到你
Have you seen a star before? >>> I haven’t seen a star before  我没见过明星

do you eat snake? 你吃蛇吗?
did you eat snake? 你吃了蛇吗
have you eaten a snake? 你吃过蛇吗


1.body fat = 体脂
ex: She is not happy because Lily has a lot of body fat.

2.trainer =教练
ex: I have a trainer but he’s not good-looking.
ex: I have a trainer who helps me to work out.

3. peer pressure =同伴压力
ex: it’s very hard to resist 抵抗 peer pressure.
ex: We all experience peer pressure at work.

4. bachelor party =单身派对 婚前派对
ex: I hate people who go to bachelor parties.

5. dry skin 干性皮肤
oily skin 油性皮肤
combination skin 混合肌肤
sensitive skin 敏感肌肤

6. clue= 线索  >>>> clueless=毫无头绪

7. concert=演唱会
ex: I have been to JJ and 萧敬腾‘s concert. 

8. sold out= 售罄
ex: I went to yi dian dian, but the grassjelly仙草 was sold out, so I didn’t buy it.

9. upset 😠  生气加难过
ex: I am upset because I woke up late.
ex: I am upset because I lost my wallet.


although, even though 即使
so, therefore 所以
if 如果
but. however 但是

peer pressure

we experience peer pressure with my friends, because sometimes we go out to eat dinner, maybe most people want to eat Japanese food but I don’t want to eat it. However, I will go together.