VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]


trip cook

st- sd sound: standard stop strive stream stimulate

sp-sb sound: spat sport spit sprout space spade

sk-sg sound: skip skate sky skim skateboard

short vowels: aeiou
three little pigs

long vowel:
ride rid tide tid hike hick


1.skip (verb) = 蹦蹦跳跳,翘( )
ex: skip work
skip school/ skip class
skip step 1

2. look forward to =期待
ex: what do you look forward to?

3. retire (verb)= 退休
retirement (noun) =退休
ex: I want to retire at 35.

4. dating =恋爱
ex: I love dating, it’s sooooo fun.

5, nice to you =对你好
ex: is he nice to you? 

6. my type/my cup of tea  =我的类型
ex: He is my type.
ex: I don’t know who is my type =我不知道谁是我的类型

7. mature —— immature 成熟/不成熟
ex: I am mature. I like men who are mature.
ex: Most men are immature.


I look forward to retirement. I will travel around the world alone.