VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S]



short vowel: aeiou

bat bet bit bot but
lack leg lick lock luck
crap yet nick noch duck
brag fret trip fob clutch


I used to drink coffee
I am used to drinking coffee

in+ month
ex: My birthday is in April.
ex: I will be going to Canada in May.
ex: in the morning, in the afternoon

on+ the day
ex: On Monday, on Friday
ex: on weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
ex: on Christmas, on Valentine’s Day, on National Holiday…
ex: My birthday is on April 21st.

at + time
ex: we finish class at 2
ex: I will go to work at 5:15


1. balcony = patio 阳台
ex: I started to work out in the balcony yesterday because there is no AC, so it’s very hot, and I will sweat a lot.


What did you used to do?
I used to drive a car, and I used to live in Beijing. I used to eat a lot, I used to eat very spicy. In Shanghai, Shanghai food is more lighter than Beijing. Now I’m going to gym, I think that make me don’t eat lot, otherwise I should do more.

What are you used to do?
ex: I am used to going to the gym. I am used drinking coffee, I am used to eating light. I am used to having breakfast, after breakfast, I am used to taking a shower. I am used to taking subway to go to the office.