VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R/W]


1.difficult= 困难的
ex: Math is very difficult.
ex: Chinese is difficult.

2. depart (verb)= 离开 出发
ex: When you want to leave China, you need to go to the “departure level” of the airport.

3. correct= right对的
ex: Aiai finished all the questions correctly, she got 100%.
ex: This is not correct, please change the answer.

4. speed (noun)= 速度
speed (verb)= 超速
ex: can you speed when you drive? NO.
ex: If you speed, you will crash with another car.

5. leave= 离开
ex: you must leave the school at 5 o’clock.
ex: You must leave the house if it’s on fire.

6. proper= right way
ex: Aiai, can you sit properly?
ex: Aiai, can you eat properly?


The cactus plant grows in the desert where it is hot in the day and cold at night. There is more sunshine and less rainfall in the desert t Han many other places in the world. she it does rain for short periods of times, the shallow plant roots soak up rainwater from the wet ground. The stem of the cactus plant is think with thin prickly thorns on it. This means that the plant can store water for when the ground is dry for long periods of time.


These are my three teddy bears. One is big, one is smaller and one is very small. Sometimes I will look at the moon with them. They are very colorful too! One is blue, one is white and one is pink. Sometimes I will sleep with them, so I like them.