VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R/W]


what is your favorite & least favorite snack? Why?


1.treat (noun)= 奖励
ex: dog treat

2. treat (verb)= 请客
ex: this is my treat= 这次我来请客
ex: I’ll treat you to dinner tonight= 我请你吃晚饭

3. tease (verb)= 取笑 嘲笑
ex: My friends used to tease me and said I looked like a monkey.
ex: My sister loves to tease me and call me names

4. call XX names= 起外号
ex: my sister likes to call me names like “big head girl”

5. soggy= 浸水的
ex: The fries are too soggy because I didn’t eat them fresh.

6. insult= 侮辱
ex: you shouldn’t insult other people.
ex: People will be hurt if you insult them.

7. gooey= soft and sticky
ex: the banana is very gooey.
ex: The cheesecake is very gooey.


Popcorn, nuts, cookies and tortilla chips are just some examples well-liked snacks. However the most popular of all snacks are potato chips. People would agree that it just takes one chip to tease the taste buds creating a craving for more. This tasty was accidentally invented in 1853 in Saratoga, NewYork.

George Crum was a chef in a restaurant where fresh fries were a popular menu item. One day, a diner complained that the fries were too thick and soft so he sent the plate back to the kitchen. George Crum hoping to satisfy the customer, made a thinner batch of french fries. The man was still unhappy Crum felt insulted and was angry. He decided to annoy this fussy man, He made paper- thin fries which he cooked in boiling oil. He salted these crispy potato slices and then served them. The customer, surprisingly enough, loved them and potato chips were invented.

News of this creation spread and soon other people began making their own version. In 1895, the first potato chip factory was opened and potato chips became available in grocery stores. Today most people would agree that when it comes to eating potato chips, it is difficult to just have one.


“A Halloween cat” is about on a Halloween, there is a black cat who is very hungry, so she ran into a house and she ate and saw a lot of things, but when she is eating, some children found her. The black cat is frightened but mother poured part of her cup of milk into a saucer.


“A Halloween cat” is about on a Halloween, there is a black cat who was very hungry, so she ran into a house. She ate and saw a lot of things, but when she was eating, some children found her. The black cat was frightened but mother poured some milk into a saucer.