VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R/S]

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I always forgot easy words–> I always forget easy words


world= were road
relative= REL la tive

Vocabulary Roman, do as the Romans do. =入乡随俗

2. stimulate (verb)= 刺激
ex: Competition can stimulate people to try their best to do anything.
ex: A great teacher can stimulate your potential and passion.

3. endearment= 钟爱
ex: Darling, baby, sweetheart are terms of endearment.
ex: if you give gifts to your teacher, it’s considered an act of endearment.

4. baptized= 受洗
ex: I was baptized 15 years ago.

5. spiritually= 精神上的
ex: I’m 14 years older than him spiritually.

6. preach the gospel= 传教
ex: does he preach the gospel to you?


Since China’s opening up to the world , Western cultures flooded into China. Some foreign festivals were also imported to China, and become very popular rapidly. At the same time, some traditional Chinese festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Double Seven Festival and Qingming Festival have declined. Some people conclude that traditional Chinese Festivals have been overshadowed by foreign festivals. For instance, China’s double sevenths festivals has been overshadowed by the Valentines’ Day, the Spring Festival by Christmas Day. This talk is to present some of the factors involved and offer my view on this fever.


This paragraph describe the trend about Chinese people become more and more like foreign festival, it also explains the reason behind the trend, why people like foreign festivals. It’s related to culture attraction and some economic background. Finally author raise questions about whether we should focus more on foreign festivals.