VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


I will take the GRE exam once a years regardless of my application status.
I always put on sunscreen regardless of the weather.

It’s raining but I put on sunscreen regardless.
I know I just finished dinner, but I still want some ice-cream regardless.


1.statistics= 统计
ex: if you look at the statistics, you will see an increasing number of people traveling abroad.

2.for good= permanently
ex: She wants to stay in Shanghai for good, so she needs to find a stable job.


For many people, flying is a great way to move quickly and easily from place to place. There are now four billion passengersflying every year. The aviation industryhas expanded massively in recent years, with the growth of budget airlinesopening up new destinations which we can now reach forpeanuts! But this worldwide appetite for travel comesat a price –it’s increasing carbon emissions, which is harming the planet we want to explore.

According to a new study, air travelis one of the things that accounts for eight per cent of carbon emissions – much higher than was first thought. The US tops the rankings followed by China, Germany and India. Dr Arunima Malik from the University of Sydney, who’s the lead author of the study, told the BBC that it’s richer people who are more responsible by spending more on high-carbon activities. He says “If you have visitorsfrom high-income countries then they typically spend heavily on air travel, on shopping and hospitalitywhere they go to.”

The World Travel and Tourism Council claims things are changing. A spokesman said “We’ve seen a growing number of hotels, airports and tour operatorsthat have all become carbon neutralso there is a momentum (to change).” Becoming carbon neutral involves carbon offsetting, where touristspay extra money in order to contribute to environmental projects that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere – although some say it’s just an excuse to continue polluting. Airline passengers can do this by paying an additional charge when they buy their ticket from participating airlines.

Things are changing and from next year, airlines will be required to offset any increase in emissions beyond their 2020 levels by reducing emissions elsewhere. And there are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint when you take to the skies– you can sit in the cheap seats; studies have shown by flying inbusinessor first class“your emissions are at least three times more than if you decided to travel ineconomy.” You can also travel from your local airport and pack light– reducing the weight of the aircraft. But some people might say this doesn’t tackle the bigger problem – and the best action is to take a groundedapproach and not to fly at all.