VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


do the writing on page 33.


this—- that= 这个 那个
these—-those= 这些 那些

This is my room. That is Jesse’s room.
These are my dogs. Those are Zoe’s cats.

there is= 那里有 (单数)
there are= 那里有 (复数)

there are two phones (on the table)
there is one pen (in the room)


street (noun)= 大街
ex: wait for me on the street.
ex: There is a dead bird on the street.

river= 小河
ex: you should not swim in the river.
ex: There is a dead cat in the river.

neighbor (noun)= 邻居 (nei ber)
ex: I don’t talk to my neighbors because they are mean.
ex: I like my neighbors because they are cute.

apartment (noun)= 公寓 (a PART ment)
ex: I live in my sister’s apartment because I don’t want to live with my boyfriend.
ex: I want to live in a big apartment because I have a lot of clothes.

a lot of= 很多很多
ex: I have a lot of shoes and clothes.
ex: Zoe has a lot of cats🐱.
ex: Angela has a lot of shoes.

address= 地址 (A dress)
ex: can you tell me your address?
ex: I don’t know your address.


Everybody at 159 River Street is very busy today. Mr Price is cleaning his bedroom. Ms Hunter is painting her bathroom. Ricky Gomez is feeding his cat. Mr and Mrs Wong are washing their clothes. Mrs Martin is doing her exercises. And Judy and Larry Clark are fixing their car. I’m busy too.I’m washing my windows .. and of course I’m washing all my neighbors. It’s a very busy day at 159 River street