VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


world= were old



1.vacuum cleaner= 吸尘器
vacuum (verb)= 吸尘
ex: How often you do vacuum at home?

2. brokerage= 经纪行
ex: do you have an agreement with another bank or brokerage? 经纪人

3. intervention (noun)= 介入 干涉
ex: we need to perform an intervention. 
ex: An early intervention is important when you want to stop you kid from dating.

4. fraction of the cost= 一半的价格
ex: You get buy baby products at a fraction of the cost on KaoLa.

5. leap= 跳跃 跨度
ex: a giant leap 
ex: the frogs are leaping. 

6. profound= 深远的 deep
ex: we need to have a profound understanding of our responsibilities.

7. manipulate = 操控
ex: The North Koreans are manipulated by the government.
ex: My friend is manipulated by his girlfriend, he does everything she says.

8. stain= 污点
ex: I have a blood stain on my shirt, I need to wash it.
ex: It’s impossible to get oil stain off your shirt.

9. aspect= 方面 angles (ASS bect)
ex: We need to look at this problem from different aspects.

10. every (       ) =每隔(      )
ex: I vacuum every two days.
ex: I see him every 3 days.
ex: I wash my hair every other day.

11. vaccination/ shots =疫苗/针
ex: I got a vaccination package for my baby.
ex: she got her shot last week.


Many things have been pictured, from robots in the form of househod servants to computers so small they can git in a pocket. Indeed, some of these predicted inventions have already come to pass, with the introduction of PDAs and robotic vacuum cleaners. Beyond these innovations, however, there are likely to be many, many more.