VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]

Today we focused on:


long vowels: aeiou
rave take hate Nate rake fake damage delicate shave pavement
cede Pete Compete complete delete interfere
time kite fine pine bide alive confide decline desire despite derive sunrise summarize
Note rose dote cove rode poke dope rope explode
mute nude dude duke puke cute pure cure endure infuse abuse


1.bleeding= 流血
ex: omg you are bleeding! ARE YOU OK?

2. high-speed train= 高铁🚄
ex: If you take the high speed train to HZ, it’s only 1 hour.

3. band-aid (noun)= 创口贴
ex: do you have a band-aid?

4. dark=深, 暗
ex: I like dark blue and dark green
ex: it’s so dark, I can’t see, can you turn on the lights?

5. light= 浅色
ex: Nia is wearing a light pink shirt today.
ex: Lily’s favorite color is light blue.


A surprise for Bobby.

Every summer Bobby went to see his grandfather and grandmother. They lived on the farm. Bobby liked to go to the farm. He had a good time there, he liked to feed the cows and pigs, it was fun to be at the farm. Bobby liked to help grandmother feed the chickens. One days grandmother gave him a little yellow chicken. You may have this chicken for your own, she said. But you must feed it everyday. Everyday Bobby went to feed little yellow chicken. He gave it water. too. Soon the summer was over, and father came to take Bobby. Next summer Bobby went back to the farm, he was glad to see grandfather and grandmother. He ran to grandmother and asked about his little yellow chicken.