VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


describe Anna or Caroline


-ar- (r): are yard barn fart dart garden marble partner bartender Mark egg tart

-er-: her nerd pervert perception persist permit serve servant server cracker
-ir-: firm bird dirt first birthplace shirt thirteen thirty thirsty
-ur-: nurse burst hurdle turn surpass surface surgery surprise sunburn burn

-or-: port airport snort lord sort ford tort rainstorm story fortune formulate formula


1. the day before yesterday =前天
last night
last morning
ex: I came back to Shanghai the day before yesterday. 


Bright eyes and the acorn

The children in Miss Wood’s room water to learn about ants. So Friday afternoon she took them to the park to see some ants. They soon found  a little hill of dirt on the ground. In the middle of the hill was a small round hole.

This hole does deep into the ground, said Miss Wood. It is the door to the ants’ home. The ant family has many rooms down under the ground. The children watched the ants as they went in and out of their little door. There are many kinds of ants, said Miss Wood. The ants in this hill are called red ants. Here are some blacks ants too, said Joe. Do they live with the red ants. Yes answered Miss Wood. Some of the red ants are fierce soldiers. They often march to the homes of black ants and carry away their eggs.

These solder ants bring the eggs to their own home. When the little black ants come out of the eggs, the red ants take care of them. They teach them to be helpers too. How do the black ants help the red ants, asked Jenny. Black ants are good workers, said Miss Wood. Some of them keep the ant house clean. Some take care of the baby red ants and the eggs. Where do the ants get their food in winter?asked Bobby, How can they find food when the snow is on the ground.