VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


dr drive drop drip dream drain drink drill
cr crave crib crab🦀 crap crust crush
tr trash track train trend trip trim trill truck
pr pray prat pret prit prig prince princess
fr fray fries fry friend Frank frap

Wr (r): wrap=rap wreck wrist write 

**I like to eat crabs, I crave and dream of them. I like to drink green tea frap. 

house= h ao s
little= li tou
weed= w yi d
oven= oh ven
once= one s


1 .decided= 决定了
ex: I decided to work here because it’s close to my home.

2. a few days ago= 几天前
a few weeks ago= 几个星期前
a few months ago= 几个月前
ex: Where Judy? She left a few minutes ago. 

3. close to = near
far from ( ) = 离()很远
ex: Jing An Temple is close to SE.= Jing An Temple is near SE.
ex: Gubei is far from SE.
ex: do you live far from IAPM?

4.  choose (verb)= 去选择
chose (verb)= 选择了
choice (noun)= 选择
ex: I want to choose a school that is close to me.
ex: I chose SE because it’s close to me.
ex: you have two choices of desserts: Tiramisu and banana cake.

5. desert = 沙漠🏜️  (重音在前)
dessert = 甜品🍮 (重音在后)
ex: what is your favorite dessert?
ex: My favorite dessert is cheesecake.

6. virgin= 无酒精饮料
ex: Yesterday, I ordered a mojito virgin. 
ex: can you make this virgin?
ex: do you have anything virgin?

7. favourite= 最喜欢的
ex: my favorite colors are black and white.

8. popular= 最火的
ex: The most popular app is WeChat.
ex: Jay Chou is the most popular singer in China.

9. blind date =相亲
ex: my parents arranged 4 blind dates for me.

10. once= 一次
twice =两次
three times
four times
ten times
ex: This year, I went to Japan for more than 10 times. 


one day a little old woman made a round Johnny cake for supper. She put it into the oven. Then she said to the little boy, you must sit by the oven door and watch the Johnny-cake. Take it out of the oven when it is done. Then the little old woman and the little old man went out to weed the garden. The little boy sat down to wait by the oven door. All at once the oven door opened, and Johnny cake rolled out. He rolled across the kitchen floor and out of the house.