VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1. blatant= something bad that is very clear and easy to see, but the person responsible for it does not seem embarrassed or ashamed.
ex: blatant discriminant

2. nepotism= the practice of unfairly giving the best jobs to the members of your family when you are in position of power
ex: allegations of nepotism and corruption

3. rampant= 猖獗的 popular in a bad way, expanding
ex: You’ve no doubt heard that nepotism is rampant in China

4. rife= encountered generally especially at present time, popular, widespread
ex: Domestic Chinese business practices are rife with favouritism and nepotism
ex: Disease the violence are rife in New York.

5. mitigate= make a situation or the effects of something less unpleasant, harmful or serious
ex: we must identify and mitigate risks