VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1. adventure= 冒险
ex: I don’t like adventures because I don’t feel safe.
ex: My grandpa doesn’t like adventures because he wants to be safe.

2. felt= past tense of “feel”
ex: Janet felt like a bird because she’s on the hot air balloon.
ex: I felt cold yesterday.

3. character= 人物
ex: who are the characters in Snow White? Snow White, the witch, prince, seven dwarfs.

4. setting= time and place
ex: what is the setting of the story? it’s a sunny day in summer.


It was a sunny morning. Janet got out of bed early because she was going for a ride in a hot air balloon. I’m so excited, she said. Get ready quickly, her mom told her. Then they left home for the big adventure. The colorful balloon waited in the park. Janet jumped into the basket and said, I’m ready to fly. the man in the basket used a burner to make the air hot. The balloon began to lift off slowly and up they went into the sky. Janet fled like a bird flying over the  top of trees and houses.