VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


well (adv)
good (adj)

she is a good singer, she sings well.
He is a good teacher, he teaches well.


1.check your bag = tuo yun
ex: I will check one bag.

2. gate number= deng ji kou
ex: what is my gate number?

3. security check ( se Q rity check)= an jian
ex: Please go through the security check.
ex: Excuse me, where is the security check?

4. one pair of XX= yi shuang
two pairs of XX
ex: Can I have two pairs of slippers please?

5. riot (RAI ET)= bao dong
ex: There was a riot in HK.

6. chaos ( K os) = hun luan
ex: it’s a chaos in HK.
ex: My relationship with my family is a chaos.

7. relationship= guan xi/ gan qing
ex: are you in a relationship? ni zai tan lian ai ma?
ex: I have a good relationship with XX.

8. tip (verb)= xiao fei
ex: You should tip the taxi driver 10%.

9. go straight to the end =zou dao di
turn left/ turn right
it’s on your left/ it’s on your right

10. intersection= shi zi lu kou
ex: I am standing at the intersection.

11. keep the change= xiao fei liu zhe
ex: You can keep the change. **cash**


at the airport

Can I see your passport please? Where are you going?
Do you want to check your bags? tuo yun
how many bags are you checking?
Here is your boarding pass. deng ji pai
Your gate number will be ##.

on the airplane

Excuse me, can I /could I have some water please?
Excuse me, can I have a blanket (bei zi )/ pillow (zhen tou) please?
Excuse me, can you take this away please?


Hi, I would like to check in. I have a confirmation number ####.
Is breakfast included?
Hi, can I have some slippers (tuo xie) please?
Hi, can I have some towels (mao jin) please ?
Hi, can I have some toothbrush/ toothpaste (ya gao) please?
Hi, can I get a late checkout please?
Hi, do you still have room service?

on the road

Excuse me, how can i go to XX?
Excuse me, do you know how I could get to XX?
Excuse me, where can I get the taxi?