VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.ground= 地
ex: the snow had fallen on the ground.
ex: Your bag is on the ground.
ex: My book is on the ground. 

2. grab= 拿走
ex: I grab my lunch to school.
ex: I grab my book and go home.

3. sled= 雪橇

ex: Santa is on the sled.
ex: I play on the sled. 

4. fast= 快的
ex: York, you need to do your homework faster!
ex: My dad drives very fast.
ex: I run very fast. 

5. done= finished 结束了
ex: I’m done! we can go!
ex: Are you done? Hurry up! 快一点


I woke up to see
A world of white in front of me.
Lots of snow had fallen on the ground.
So I made a snowman, big and round. Then I grabbed my sled and ran to the hill.
I slid down so fast I took a spill!
Playing in the snow is so much fun.
You get hot cocoa when you’re done!

Sally is getting ready to go outside to play. It is very cold outside. First, Sally puts on snow pants. Then she puts on her coat. Next she pulls on her boots. Finally she puts on her hat, scarf and mittens. Now she is really to play outside.