VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.spin (verb)= 旋转
ex: I can’t spin a pen.
ex: I can’t spin the basketball on my finger.

2. while= 正当
ex: I was sleeping while he came in.
ex: Can you buy some milk while you are in the store?

3. errand= 差事
ex: I need to run some errands. 我要办些差事

4. package= 包裹📦
ex: I have two packages in front of my door.
ex: My mother gave me a big package.

5. rake =耙子

ex: My mother rakes the leaves in the garden.
ex:the workers/cleaners will rake the leaves on the road.

6. pile= 一叠叠
ex: do you have a pile of homework to do?
ex: I have a pile of books to read.

7. felt= past tense of “feel”
ex: I felt unhappy yesterday.
ex: I felt scared at the old house.
ex: I felt full after breakfast

8. playmate= 玩伴
ex: I have two playmates at school.

9. wonder= 想想
ex: I wonder what should I eat tonight.
ex: I wonder if I will go to bed early today.
ex: I wonder if I should read a book.


Once there was a beautiful big red wagon in the window of a toy store. Billy and George often came to the store window and looked at the toys. Among them were tops and sleds, books and balls, and other find things. But the boys liked the red wagon best of all. I wish I had that wagon, said Billy. I could use it for so many things. I wish it were mine said George. I would play with it all day. The man who kept the store heard the boys talking about the big red wagon. Both of those boys want that wagon, he said to himself, I wonder which boy will get it.

One day George’s mother wanted to bake a cake. She called George. I am going to bake a cake, she said, I need some flour and butter. Will you go to the store for me? Wait a minute, Mother, said George, I want to spin my top for a while. But he had such a good time spinning his top that he forgot all about going to the store. The very same day, Billy’s mother said, Billy, I need some things from the store, will you get them for me please? Yes mother, answered Billy, I’ll go right now.

When Billy went past George’s house, he saw George spinning his top on the walk. Come here Billy, George called, let’s spin our top. I can’t stop just now, answered Billy. Mother sent me on an errand. I’ll play with you after I come back. Billy went on. Soon he came past again with his arms full of packages. That evening gBilly helped his father rake the leaves. They raked them into a big pile. Then they carried them to the garden and burned them. I could do more work, said Billy, if I had a big red wagon. George’s father was raking leaves too. He needed a helper but George was in the park, playing ball.

The two boys would often meet at the toy store. One day when they saw the big red wagon, it had a green card on it. Oh look said George, the card says SOLD. Some boy is going to get the red wagon. The boys walked home slowly. They felt sad because the red wagon was sold. They wondered if any of their playmates would get it.