VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


Subject主语+ verb动词 + object 宾语. (+小废话) 

Tony and I are on vacation with the children | for a few days |from Monday to Friday

My mom and I are eating in the restaurant | at 7pm| because we are hungry.

I am in the English class at 5 pm | with my teacher| because I need to improve my English. 

I will go to Japan | on Monday | at 7am | in the morning. 


1. clinic= 诊所
ex: I always go to the clinic to see my dentist.

2. hospital= 医院
ex: Jes went to the hospital today.

3. so= 所以
ex: Our hotel is very old and ugly, so we are not happy.

4. on vacation= 在度假
ex: I will be on vacation for two weeks.

5. together= 一起
ex: let’s play together!
ex: do you want to live together? 你想住一起吗
ex: do you want to have dinner together?


Dear mother,

I’m writing our hotel at sludge beach. Ralph and I are on vacation with the children for a few days. We’re happy to be here, but to tell the truth, we’re having a few problems.

The weather isn’t very good. In fact, it’s cold and cloudy. Right now I’m looking out the window and it’s raining cats and dogs.

The children aren’t very happy. In fact, they’re bored and they’re terrible time. Right now they’re sitting on the bed, playing tic tac toe and watching TV. The restaurants here expensive and the food isn’t very good. In fact, Ralph is at the clinic right now, he’s having problems with his stomach.

All the other hotels here are beautiful and new. Out hotel is ugly and it’s very very old. In fact, right now a repairperson is fixing the bathroom sink. So mother, we’re having a few problems here at Sludge Beach, but we’re happy to be on vacation and we’re happy to be together.

See you soon.

Love, Ethel.