VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


if you see a fairy, what will you do?


1. beneath= under 在…之下
ex: I can’t open my eyes beneath the water.

2. goggles= swimming glasses
ex: I have to wear goggles if I swim.

3. elf = 小精灵
ex: The little elf can give you a wish.
ex: The little elf can fly to anywhere.

4. sly= 狡猾的
ex: she is a sly girl, please don’t talk to her
ex: Helen gave me a sly smile. hahahahaha

5. promise= 保证
ex: I promise you I will take you to Disneyland.
ex: If I promise you something then I have to do it.

6. second= 第二个
ex: you are my second student.
ex: It’s my second time to go to the washroom today.

7. among= 在。。之中
ex: I am the smartest girl among my friends.


The Fairy Shoemaker
Many many years ago a boy said to his mother, I am going to catch the Fairy shoemaker, so that we will be rich. People say that he knows where there is a pot of gold in the woods. He will tell where is is if you catch him. I have heard of the fairy shoemaker Tom, said his mother. People often try to catch him, but they can’t keep their eyes on him, and he always gets away. Tom said, if I find him, he will tell me where the gold is. Then we shall be rich. I hope you can catch him, said Tom’s mother. but I think you will get rich sooner if you work for your gold. Every day Tom went to look for the fairy shoemaker. He looked in the woods and meadows, but he did not see the elf anywhere.

One day when he was walking in the woods, Tom heard a strange little noise. That must be the fairy shoemaker’s hammer, he said to himself. He ran as quickly as he could toward the noise, but he did not see anyone. Another day when Tom was walking in the woods, he grew very tired and lay down to rest. All at once he heard, tick tack tick tack. If was the little hammer of the fairy shoemaker.

Tom listened and heard a tiny voice singing very softly. This way that way, so we make a shoe, tack a toe, tack a heel, tick a tack too. Tom went creeping toward the tiny voice, taking care not to make a sound. All at once he saw a wee man sitting beneath a tree, just a few steps away.

The strange little fellow was hard at work, making a tiny shoe. tick tack went the little hammer, yes it was fairy shoemaker! How glad Tom was. He would keep his eyes on the sly little elf every minute until he found the to of fold. Good morning said tom. The fairy shoemaker didn’t say a word. Tom went very close to him and asked. Aren’t you the fairy shoemaker? The elf did not answer him. Tom went closer still. Where is the pot of fold? he cried, show it to me!