VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


even though= 即使
ex: even though it’s raining, I didn’t bring my umbrella
ex: even though I’m sick, I still have to go to school

since = to give reason, because.
ex: Let’s go out tonight since I will not see you tomorrow
ex: I have to finish my homework since I want to play with my dog

as well as= and
ex: I like apples as well as bananas.
ex: You need to drink water as well as your milk.

until= 直到
ex: I did my homework until 8 o’clock.
ex: I talked to my mom until 5 o’clock.
ex: Please wait here until I come back.


or= 不然的话
ex: Don’t eat too much or you will be fat
ex: you have to eat now or you will be hungry.

2.scale= 秤
ex: if you want to know how much you weigh, you need to stand on a scale.

3. poodle= 泰迪狗
ex: I used to have a poodle in Canada.
ex: Poodle is a very smart dog.

4. rehearse= 排练
ex: before you sing on the stage, you should rehearse first.

5. memorize =背
ex: I have to memorize 10 English words every week.
ex: I have to memorize the song by Monday.


Corey ordered a hamburger and he ordered French fries. James knew who won the game even though he did not watch it. Lily asked dad to buy some snacks since her dad is going to the grocery store. Amy and her friends rehearsed the play. They had it memorized from the beginning to the end.