VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


  • 协助PBU团队为群邑旗下的代理公司进行程序化媒介购买项目的相关数据分析和策略建议的工作
  • assisted the agency of the PBU team to analyze the related datas and suggested strategies.
  • 参与并执行大量的程序化媒介购买项目中,为客户(包括不限于快消品、消费电子品、旅游、时尚等)提供数据分析服务。
  • assisted clients to analyze the data from PBU (not limited to commodities, electrical appliances, traveling, fashion, etc) .
  • 接触到不同代理公司和品牌广告主的营销策略,使用国内外不同领先监测公司和技术供应商的数据平台;并接触到不同的广告投放形式的效果,包括但是不限视频、展示类广告、原生广告、搜索引擎和电商类广告等
  • Worked with the marketing strategies of different agencies and brand advertisers, used the data platforms of different leading monitoring companies (local and oversea) and technology suppliers, familiarized myself with the results of different kinds of advertisements, including but not limited to video, display advertising, native advertising, search engine and e-commerce advertising, etc
  • 能接收到广告营销最新知识,接触到整个程序化购买的全链路
  • up to date with the latest knowledge of advertising and marketing, and familiar with the Program Buying Unit chain.
  • Service brands: LVMH group, Nike, Dyson
    Operation platforms include wechat advertising service provider platform, unidesk, pinyou, LINGJI, guangdiantong and Fantong
  • 帮助客户一起推进程序化购买中重要的DMP(大数据管理平台)和投放平台的系统搭建、逻辑梳理、界面优化、实用分析及后期投放优化
  • Assisted clients to carry forward  the system construction, logic sorting, interface optimization, and practical analysis of DMP (big data management platform).
  • 服务品牌有:LVMH集团、NIKE、Dyson
  • Cooperated brands:LVMH Group、NIKE、Dyson
  • platforms including Unidesk、品友、灵集、广点通、粉丝通
Responsible for the operation of Wavemaker WeChat, including the official account and the operation of advertising and bidding advertising on moments
•与各媒体客户沟通、制定方案、执行上线 帮助露出、总结广告效果、提出优化方案
Communicated with all media clients, proposed and implemented the plans, summarized the advertisement effects and proposed plans for optimization.
Independently organized the launch data of each brand, submitted analysis results and suggestions to clients, and strived for continued growth in business.
  • 投放相关数据挖掘与研究,包括但不限于竞品投放数据、媒体投放指标、移动端发展趋势 
  • Launched related data and research, including but not limited to competitive product launch data, media launch indicators, and tablets.