VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


write about a time you were sad and someone cheered you up!


1.synonyms= 近义词
ex: synonyms are words are mean almost the same thing.
ex: small and little are synonyms.

2. drowsy= tired, sleepy
ex: I feel a little drowsy because I’m sick.

3. starving= very very very hungry
ex: Lily is starving today because she didn’t eat her breakfast.
ex: Aiai is starving, she could eat a horse.

4. damp= a little wet
ex: You need to use a damp cloth to wipe your face.
ex: You need to use a damp towel to clean the house.

5. held= past tense of “hold”
ex: the children held on to the ballon at the park.
ex: I held on to the kite because it was high in the sky.

6. tires= 轮胎
ex: can you help me to change my tires?
ex: Motorbikes, bicycles, taxis, cars have tires

7. have flat tire= 爆胎
ex: I have a flat tire, I need to change it.
ex: If you have a flat tire, you need to stop your car.


EngSmart2- page 162

Tasty Cupcakes
Dory was unhappy. She has lost her favorite dress. It was beautiful red dress with a big, pretty bow. Her mother wanted to make her happy so she baked a batch of delicious cupcakes for Dory. Dory picked a large cupcake and then she chose one more. As soon as she tasted them, she said “thank you mom! they so yummy!” Her mother was glad that Dory liked the cupcakes and that she was no longer sad.