VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.walking the dog= 遛狗
ex: the man is walking the dog in the park.
ex: do you walk your dog?

2. few days= 几天
ex: I will go to America for a few days. ( 1-5 days)
ex: I have few friends. 我有几个好朋友

3. problem= 问题 纠纷
ex: He’s having a stomach problem .
ex: I don’t know how to do this math problem
ex: oh my god we have a big problem, there’s no power! 没电啦

4. repair (verb)= 修理 🔧
repairperson = the person who repairs things
ex: He called a repairperson to fix his computer.
ex: The repairperson fixed my toilet.

5. fact= 事实
in fact=事实上
ex: My mom likes my brother now, this is a fact.
ex: In fact, she never liked daughters.
ex: In fact, I don’t have a class today, I’m just here to see Lily.

6. terrible (adj)= 糟糕的
ex: this is a terrible movie. I don’t like it.
ex: The book is in a terrible condition, it’s very old.

7. apartment =公寓
ex: In Shanghai, most people live in an apartment.


Hi Jack, this is Jim, I’m calling from Miami. From Miami? What are you doing in Miami? I’m on vacation. How’s the weather in Miami? is it sunny? No, it isn’t, it’s raining. Is it hot? No it isn’t, it’s cold. Are you having a good time? No I’m not, I’m having a terrible time. The weather is terrible here. I’m sorry to hear that!

I’m writing from our hotel at Sludge Beach. Ralph and I are on vacation with the children for a few days, we are happy to be here. But to tell the truth, we are having a few problems. The weather isn’t very good. In fact,  it’s cold and cloudy. Right now I’m looking out the window and it’s raining cats and dogs. The children aren’t very happy. In fact, they’re bored and they’re having a terrible time, right now they’re sitting on the bed playing tic tac toe and watching TV. The restaurant here are expensive and the food isn’t very good. In fact, Ralph is at clinic is at clinic right now, he’s a having problems with his stomach.

All the other hotels here are beautiful and new. Our hotel is ugly and it’s very very old. In fact, right now a repairperson is fixing the bathroom sink. So, mother, we’re having a few problems here at Sludge Beach, but we’re happy. We’re happy to be on vacation and we’re happy to be together, see you soon.