VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


scorching= 灼热的
ex: I can’t walk under the scorching sun.
ex: He is riding a bike under the scorching sun.

cozy= 舒服的
ex: My room is very cozy, I can eat and play in there.
ex: In Autumn, the weather is very cozy.

breezy= 微风的
ex: I like the breezy weather in Spring.
ex: Tonight is a breezy night, we can walk around the streets.

chilly= 寒冷的
ex: it’s a chilly day, you need to wear your scarf.
ex: today is chilly, I don’t want to go to school.

across from XX= 在XX对面
ex: Lily is sitting across from Hank.
ex: SE is across from Jing An Temple.

seem= 看上去
ex: you seem sad today, are you ok?
ex: you seem tired today, did you wake up early?

step= 脚步👣
step by step= 一步一步来
ex: We need to do math questions step by step.
ex: You need to follow my instructions step by step. 
ex: You need to do the experiment step by step. 


The Halloween Cat. Meow meow, sang a black cat as she sat on the fence one Halloween. A dog growled . The cat humped down and hid under the porch steps. She had never had a home or anyone to feed and love her. Tonight she was very hungry, so when everything was quiet, she came out from under the porch.

The side door of the house was open just a little, and a light was shining out across the yard. It looked so warm and bright inside that the cat ran up on the porch and right into the house. The black cat had never been in a house before and everything in the room seemed very strange to her. A table was set for a party, and right in the middle of it was a jack-o-latern. Light shining from his round eyes and funny nose and wide mouth.