VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


do a writing using the words we learned today


1.lifesaver= 救命恩人
ex: you’re my lifesaver, you saved me from hunger twice.

2. monkey bar

ex: We played with the monkey bar for 2 hours.

3. cheat sheet= 小抄
ex: I always thought you had a cheat sheet when I asked you the words.
ex: My sister is a pro at making her cheat sheets.

4. pro= 专业的
ex: Margaret is a pro at drawing.
ex: he’s a pro at golfing.

5. ideal (adj)= 理想的
ex: My ideal job is to be a landlord and collect rents every month.
ex: My ideal job is to be an owner of a flower shop or a bakery.

6. image= 形象
ex:  I have built a good image in Smart English.
ex: ZhouLiBo doesn’t have a good image.

7. up to scratch= up to standard
ex: your presentation was not up to scratch, please work harder next time.
ex: Your drawing is not up to scratch, please redraw it.

8. compliment (noun/verb)= 夸奖/赞美
ex: Everyone likes to hear compliments.
ex: I complimented Judy today and told her that her hair is beautiful.

9. embrace (verb)= 拥抱 接纳
ex: If you go to a new company, you need to embrace the difficulties.
ex: if you go to Canada, you should embrace the different cultures.

10. cocky (adj)= 自以为是的 了不起的
ex: it sounds very cocky when I say ” Yes I think so too, my daughter is beautiful”.


Not comparing your body to others’, particularly celebrities’, is a good first step. “We’re surrounded by these idealised images of what it is to be beautiful,” says Becky Young, founder of the Anti Diet Riot Club – a club helping people rethink their relationship with their bodies and food. She points out that comparing only creates a standard we think we need to aspire to and leads to feelings of disappointment if we aren’t up to scratch.

Learn to take a compliment,’ recommends Thriveworks, a counselling and coaching website which promotes positive mental health. When someone says something nice, embrace it – don’t push it away or play it down. And compliment others too. If you think someone looks nice, or someone has a good idea, tell them. It can lift them up.