VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1. pick XX up (from …) = 接XX
ex: My mom will pick me up today.
ex: My mom picks me up from school

2. drop XX off (to…)= 送XX
ex:My mom will drop me off to SE.
ex: My mom drops me off to school.

3. sat= past tense of “sit” 坐了
ex: I sat in the office for 8 hours yesterday.
ex: I sat on the sofa to see a movie .

4. fence= 栅栏

ex: The fence will stop the dog from coming in the house.
ex: There are lots of fences in the park.

5. fairy= 仙女

ex: The tooth fairy will give you a present if you put your tooth under the pillow.

6. step= 脚步👣
ex: step by step =一步一步来
ex: we will do the math question step by step.

7. tonight= today’s night 今晚
ex: what are you doing tonight?
ex: I will play with mud tonight. 

8. frightened= very very scared
ex: I will be frightened if I see a spider.
ex: She is frightened of sleeping alone.

9. hurt= 伤 受伤
ex: I hurt my head today, I hit my head on the door.
ex: I hurt myself on Tuesday, I don’t know how.

10. felt= past tense of “feel”
ex: I felt hungry in the morning because I didn’t eat breakfast.
ex: I felt happy last night because I was home.


The Halloween Cat. “meow meow” sang a black cat as she sat on the fence one Halloween. A dog growled. The cat jumped down and hid under the porch steps. She had never had a home or anyone to feed and love her. Tonight she was very hungry. So when everything was quiet, she came out from under the porch. The side door of the house was open just a little, and a light was shining out across the yard. It looked so warm and bright inside that the cat ran up on the porch and right in to the house. The black cat had never been in a house before, and everything in the room seemed very strange to her. A table was set for a party, and right in the middle of it was a jack-o-latern. Light was shining from his round eyes and funny nose and wide mouth.

Oh how frightened the black cat was until she saw that the jack-o-latern was smiling at her. He looks like my good friend the moon, she thought, he will not hurt me. So the black car humped on the table and rubbed against the jack-o-latern, he felt nice and warm. Then she looked all about her, and by each plate she saw a tiny black cat. The tiny black cat looked like mice.

Perhaps these things are mice, she thought. But how still they are! She reached out and touched one of them with her paw and the tiny cat fell over. Its head came off, and out rolled some small pieces of candy. The black cat was so surprised that she bumped back and bumped against the smiling jack-o-latern. When she found that she was not hurt, she went on looking for something to eat.

A cup of milk was by each plate. When the black car saw the milk, she gave a loud meow. She put her head down into one cup and drank every drop. Suddenly the cat heard a terrible noise. Before she could jump off the table, a crowd of children ran happily into the room, shouting and blowing horns. Some were dressed like brownies. One was dressed like a witch, and one like a fairy.