VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.pony= 小马
ex: There is a pony on the farm
ex: A pony is a small horse.

2. cart= 推车
shopping cart= 购物车
ex: when I go shopping with my mom, we use a shopping cart.

3. ran= past tense of “run”
ex: I ran to my school because I am going late.
ex: I ran to my mom because she has my food.

4. could= past tense of “can”
ex: I could feed my dog.
ex: I could sleep with my mom.

5. made= past tense of “make” 做了
ex: I made a cake for my mom’s birthday.
ex: I made a cookie for Nemo.

6. whisper= talk very very softly 很小声说话
ex: I whisper to my mom that I love her.
ex: Nemo whispers to me “Run Joe!”

7. frightened= very very scared
ex: Lily is frightened when she sees a spider.
ex: Joe is frightened when he sees SnowWhite.

8. gallop= go fast on a horse
ex: she’s galloping on the horse because she’s late

9. tickle= 挠痒痒
ex: I will tickle Joe if he doesn’t read.
ex: If you tickle me, I will laugh.


The magic word. The children were all ready for a ride in the new pony cart. Get up Billy, called Jim. But Billy, the little black and white pony would not go. Down jumped the four children from the cart. Jim and Tom ran in front and began to pull. Betty and Nancy ran to the back of the cart and began to push. But Billy would not go. Just then Grandfather came along. He watched the children trying to make Billy go. Then he laughed. Get into the cart again, he said, I think I can make Billy go. Grandfather went to the post. he puts his mouth right up to Billy’s ear and whispered something. Billy jumped and went galloping down the road. Thank you grandfather, shouted the children. When the children came home, Jim ran to find grandfather. Grandfather, he said what secret did you whisper in Billy’s ears?

Grandfather laughed,I whispered a magic word to Billy, he said, the word was PLEASE. The next time Billy won’t go, try this magic word. But be very sure to whisper it right in his ear, just as I did. For a long time after that, Billy was a good little pony. One day when the children were going along, a new road, they came to a bridge. Billy had never seen a bridge like this, and he did not want to go across it. Get up Billy, they all shouted. Billy began to run. Trip Trap, trip trap went his feet on the bridge. Suddenly he stopped.

Poor Billy, he was frightened by the noise of his feet on the bridge. The children did not that he was frightened. Out they jumped. They shouted at Billy. They pushed him, he would not go.

Soon there were many cars waiting behind them. what a noise they made! Oh dear, said Betty, look at all the cars behind us. What shall we do? I’ll try the magic word. So he told the other children to get in the car.