VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.tempertaure= 温度
ex: The temperature is low today, you need to wear more.
ex: Shanghai has very high temperature in the summer.
ex: if you have fever, your body temperature will be high.

2. drop= go down 掉
ex: I’m dropping! Somebody help me!
ex: I dropped my phone, it’s broken.
ex: She dropped the baby, the baby cried!

3. scorching= 灼热的
ex: I can’t stand on the scorching sands.
ex: I want to eat an ice-cream under the scorching sun.

4. chilly= 寒冷的
ex: It’s a little chilly today, you should wear your jacket.
ex: It’s chilly in Winter, you should wear your gloves and scarf.


Different Seasons
There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer fall and winter. Spring is the season when it gets warmer and rains more. Trees begin to bud in spring. Summer is the season when the temperature gets high and it it not. Leaves on trees are green in summer.

Fall is the season when leaves change color. Some leaves change from green to orange, yellow, red and brown. The temperature drops and it it is cool in fall. Winter is the season when there is a lot of snow in most parts of Canada. It is very cold and there are no more leaves on most trees in winter.