VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.found= past tense of “find”
ex: I can’t find my phone! Oh I found it!
ex: I found my T-shirt, but I don’t see it anymore.

2. push (verb)= 推
pull (verb)= 拉
ex: you need to push the door to open it.
ex: you need to pull harder.

3. answered= past tense of “answer” 回答了
ex: Lily asked me a question, I answered her.
ex: My mom asked me “did you finish your homework?” I answered “no”.

4. soon= 很快
ex: we will finish class very soon.
ex: You will start class soon.

5. own= 我自己的
ex: this is my own room.
ex: I have my own bedroom.
ex: I don’t have my own bathroom.

6. ripe= 熟了
ex: The banana will be ripe in two days, then you can eat it.

7. almost= 快要
ex: the class is almost finished.
ex: the dog is almost sleeping.

8. brought= past tense of “bring”
ex: I brought the book to school.
ex: I brought my umbrella today because it’s raining.

9. Easter= 复活节
ex: On Easter, nobody will go to school.
ex: I like Easter because I don’t have to do my homework.


Polly, it looked as if there would never be anything in her flower pot. Mine is a magic pot, too, she said, I am sure that something will grow in it if I put it in the warm sunshine. Mother whispered to Father, the lily in Polly’s flower pot did not come up. Something must have happened to it. Don’t you think we should get another plant for her?

Just then Polly ran out of the room. Father said to mother, I’ll tell you a secret, I found some garden seeds and planted them in her flower pot. Maybe something will come up.  Oh look mother, cried Polly one day. There is something green in magic pot. I’m going to have a lily too. Mother looked at the little plant and said, it is not a lily, but your magic pot is going to a big surprise. The little plant began to push out its green leaves very fast. Soon it was too big for the flower pot.

Your plant must have more room to grow, said Father. and he took it out of the pot and planted it in the garden. What kind of plant is it? Polly asked. That is a secret, answered Father, just wait and see. Polly’s little plant grew bigger and bigger. Soon it had big yellow flowers. After the flowers had gone, Polly found a little green ball on the plant.

She watched the little green ball every day. First it was as big as a doll’s head, then as big as her own head, and soon bigger than Father’s head. At last, the big ball began turn yellow. Oh now I know what it is. Polly cried one day, it is a pumpkin! It is a fine big pumpkin, said her father, and it will be ripe soon.