VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.mirror= 镜子
ex: do you like to look in the mirror? Yes.
ex: I want a mirror in my room.

2. dusted= 除灰尘
ex: I dusted my room because my friends are coming.
ex: I dusted my room because it’s too dirty.

3. tiny= super super small
ex: I gave Helen a tiny apple because I don’t have a big one.
ex: The other room is too tiny, Lily doesn’t want it.

4. apron= 围裙
ex: Mom wears an apron when she cooks.
ex: My grandfather always wears an apron.

5. slept= past tense of sleep
ex: Yesterday, I slept at 10pm.
ex: I slept at 9 o’clock because I finished my homework.

6. rub= 摩擦
ex: if you get hurt, your mom will rub you.

7. awake= 醒了
ex: I’m awake because Helen called me in the morning.
ex: I’m awake because it’s too late.

8. joy= 喜悦happy
ex: I have lots of joy when I go to Disneyland.
ex:  I have joy when I go to the park.

9. real= 真的
ex: Is this a real owl? No it’s just a cup.
ex: Is that a real penguin? No it’s a drawing.

10. glad= 很高兴的
ex: I’m glad to see you today.
ex: I’m glad to have dinner with you.


I think I will have a party, said Mrs goose to herself. Yes I will have a party this afternoon at 3 o’clock. I will ask Mrs Squirrel, Mrs Rabbit and three ducks. So Mrs Goose began to get ready for the party. She quickly swept and dusted her house. Then she began to think about what she would have to eat. I believe I will have sweet cookies and some cocoa. thought Mrs Goose. It is a hot day, and I will make some ice cream too. She flew into her tiny kitchen, and soon she was as busy as a bee, making the cookies and cocoa. Then she made the ice cream. For two hours Mrs Goose worked in her clean little kitchen. She stopped to fan herself now and then, for it was very hot in he tiny room.

When everything was done, Mrs Goose saw that it was only 2 o’clock. Oh she said, it is just two o’lock. The house is clean, and everything is ready for the party. I shall have time to sit down and rest for the party. I shall have time to sit down and rest for almost an hour before I dress for the party. Mrs Goose took her fan and sat down to rest in a nice, soft chair. She was so tired that she soon fell asleep.

Mrs Goose slept until almost 3 o’clock, when she woke up, she jumped from her chair, oh dear me, she said, did I fell asleep. Now I must hurry and dress. Mrs Squirrel, Mrs rabbit and the ducks may come at any minute. I’ll fly upstairs and put on my new blue dress. I don’t want to be late at my own party. Mrs Goose dubbed her feathers with her yellow bill until they were smooth. Then she took off her apron and  put on her new party dress.