VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]

Vocabulary an errand= 跑腿
ex: my mom asked me to run an errand for her.
ex: My grandmother asked my mother to run an errand for her.

2. thought= past tense of “think” 想了想
ex: they thought and thought, they want to make breakfast for mom.

3. shall= have to
ex: we shall be nice to our parents.
ex: we shall go to school and be nice to our teachers.

4. water the XX= 浇水在XX
ex: I always water the flowers.  
ex: I need to water the tree because it’s dying.
ex: In the garden, I always see some children watering the flowers.

5. shrink (verb)= 缩小
ex: Gru wants to shrink the moon and steal it.

6. orphan (noun)= 孤儿
ex: the three little girls are orphans.

7. adopt (verb)= 领养
ex: the girls are waiting for someone to adopt them.
ex: If someone adopts them, then they will have a home.

8. orphanage (noun)= 孤儿院
ex: They have no mom and no dad, so they live in the orphanage.

9. piranha= 食人鱼
ex: There are lots of piranhas in the ocean.
ex: piranha can eat other fish.


Jim and Nancy and May had gone to bed. Mother had said good night, but the children were not asleep. Now said Jim let us all think about a surprise for Mother. What shall we give her for her birthday. We have no money, said Nancy, maybe we can  make something for her. The children thought and thought. At last May said, oh I’ll tell you and she began to talk very fast. This is just the thing, mother will like that best of all, before long they were asleep.

All the next day the children were very busy making something. They did not let their mother see what they were doing. It will be fun to surprise Mother, said Nancy, she will never guess what we are doing for her. We must try to get up very early tomorrow morning, said Jim. I wish tomorrow would come soon, said May.

Next morning the children got up early. They were very busy. After a time they called mother. Happy birthday , they said, breakfast is ready mother. When mother came down, she went to the breakfast table. My, what a surprise, she cried. Then mother saw three big cards on the table. Each card had something on it.