VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]


1.times= ❌ 乘法
ex: two times four equals eight.
ex: three times three equals nine

2. minus= 减法
ex: Eleven minus seven equals four
ex: twenty minus five equals fifteen

3. divided by= 除法
ex: ten divided by five equals two
ex: Eighteen divided by nine equals two.

4. apartment= 公寓
ex: we all live in an apartment in Shanghai.

5. police station= 警察局
ex: if you do bad things then you will go to the police station.
ex: I have never been to the police station. 

6. townhouse= 连排房子

ex: a townhouse is cheaper than a house 别墅.

7. daycare= 托儿所
ex: some parents put their child in daycare because they don’t have time to take care of the baby.
ex: the babysitter works in the daycare.

8. convenience store= 便利店🏪
ex: My favorite convenience store is 全家。
ex: I buy juice in the convenience store. 


There are many different places in my community. My family and I live in a townhouse but there are other types of homes, such as bungalows and apartment buildings.
There are schools and libraries where were learn about the world. A police station and a hospital provide us with emergency services. There are supermarkets, bakeries, and flower shops where we buy things to meet our daily needs. There are also eating places where were can enjoy dishes from around the world.
My favorite fun places to go with my family and friends are the park and the swimming pool.

The chef of this restaurant makes award winning desserts.
you have the doctor when you feel sick
There is a convenience store near the cottage so we can buy some of the things we need there.
Maggit and her friends went to the theatre and saw and interesting movie last night.
Mom is waiting eagerly for the mail carrier to come and deliver a parcel from Aunt Daisy.
Oh no, I forgot to return these books to the library!