VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1.lottery= 奖票
ex: Mr Bean wants to buy the lottery to win a trip.

2.tip (noun)= 小费
tip (verb)= 给小费

ex: Mr Bean needs to tip the server.
ex: In Canada, you always need to tip the server 10% of the meal.

3. server= 服务员
ex: your server will give you the food and water.
ex: if you tip your server, then he will be very happy.

4. lemonade= 柠檬汁

ex: I don’t like lemonade because it’s too sour.
ex: People like to drink lemonade in the summer.

5. cruise= 游轮🚢

ex: Mr Bean is on a cruise trip with his teddy bear.
ex: Aiai wants to go on the cruise with her mommy.

6. dive= 跳水
ex: Mr Bean is diving in the swimming pool.