VIP Class Notes (Lily)


fast= f ass t
first= fer st

neck= ne ck
nail= nay you


how long did it take you to _______?
It took me (时间)to ________.

did you eat hotpot?
do you eat hotpot?


1.resign= 辞职(自愿)
resigned= 辞职了
ex: My accountant resigned this morning

2. resignation letter = 辞职信
ex: I will write the resignation letter and hand over to the CEO.

3. quit= 不干了 kui t
ex: I want to quit because the pay is too low.

4. put on makeup= 化妆
take off makeup= 卸妆
ex: It took me 10 mins to put on makeup this morning.

5. meal= 餐
ex: This is my first meal of the day.

6. open relationship= 开放式婚姻
ex: In a open relationship, you can have your boyfriend, I can have my girlfriend.

7. on drugs= 吸毒
ex: FZM was on drugs, so he was in jail for some time.

8. drugstore/pharmacy= 药店

9. weed/ marijuana= 大麻
ex: Canada legalized weed last year.

10. facial= 做脸
ex: You should do facial once every 2 weeks.