VIP Class Notes (Lily)


write about what happened to Mr Bean using the new words today.


is your person have glasses–> does your person have glasses


1.tie= same score
ex: we are at 2:2, it’s a tie.
ex: we are at 6:6, it’s a tie.

2.change (verb)= 换
ex: if you have the same card as last time, then you can change a card.
ex: Before you go to sleep, you need to change to pajamas.

3. mannequin (noun) = fake person in the mall that wears clothes 假人
ex: Every mall has mannequins to display (show) the new clothes.

4. escalator = 扶梯
elevator= 电梯
ex: Mr Bean was on the elevator when he saw a thief.

5. steal (verb)= 偷
stole= 偷了
ex: The thief wants to steal jewelries in the mall.
ex: The thief wants to steal my money.

6. fitting room= 试衣间
ex: Mr Bean goes to the fitting room to try on the clothes
ex: There is always a long line up for the Zara fitting room

7. cuff= 手铐
ex: the policeman cuffed the thief because he tried to steal jewelries.