VIP Class Notes (Lily) 


write a story using the words we learned today


russian= ru sion 深


1.dink= double income no kids
ex: I really support the idea of dink, it’s wonderful.

2. lost cause= 没救的 扶不起的阿斗
ex: I think she is a lost cause, I don’t know what to do to help her.

3. conquer (verb)= 征服
ex: some men just like to conquer different women.

4. amazing = 惊艳的
amazed = 被XX惊艳了
ex: It is amazing, it amazed me.

5. current =现今的
former= 之前的
ex: I like my current job because it’s very chill.

6. settle down= 定下来
ex: he wanted to settle down but he found out that she was married.

7. big mouth= 长舌妇
ex: She’s a big mouth, she cannot keep secrets.

8. break up = 分手
ex: she doesn’t want to break up because she still likes him.

9. crooked= 扭曲的
ex: my values are really crooked after the divorce.